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People Can Not Be Collateral Damage For Colonialist Practices

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

There's definitely a bias act by the media blowing the "looting" out of proportion. Certainly there have been bad apples who've been acting despicably and have been looting. But if we're talking about despicable acts, lets talk about the unfair use of force that Police have been using against Peaceful Protesters all over this nation, especially locally in Buffalo, and New York City.

Ultimately, the actual looters have been the Corporations, the CEO's who have time after time, again and again, taken advantage of the working class and the lower class.

Let's not forget that the one percent substantially fund the two party candidates' campaigns and drive marketing funds directly into the pockets of media through the Media Industrial Complex.

The tax payer fund bailouts being used to buy back a corporation's stock, instead of investing it into their workers, and diversifying their boards. The same greedy boards have worked to keep distracting us from what are the real priorities of our world, nation, and people. We don't see advertisements saying, we know it's hard to live paycheck to paycheck (if you are even fortunate enough to have one these days) so please sit and meditate with us for two minutes and give yourself some relaxation for these two minutes while we interrupt your scheduled programming. It's just more "You Need This, Buy that." "You Want a candidate who doesn't impress you, but is not the other candidate so vote for this person." All while the billions of dollars spent on meager marketing, could have been used for our environment, cancer research, infrastructure, serving the disserved, providing reparations to the people who not only were unjustly brought here against their will, kept as slaves for privileged capitalists, were victims of Jim Crowe, are victims of disenfranchisement, but are still faithful in seeing their communities succeed.

Look, the first slave ship arrived on this continent in 1619 (400 years ago), a massive population enduring enslavement, oppression, Jim Crowe, Class warfare for four hundred years without any reparations!

Secretary of Green Party of New York State, Jim McCabe, said- "The police force in Minneapolis, and across America, is shot through with racism and classism. While holding the offending officers accountable is absolutely necessary, and community control of police is an improvement, in the end the police must be dismantled as part of dismantling racist and classist systems of oppression."

If we look at our local budgets, (NYC alone budgets $5 Billion annually to their Police Department.) Close to 30% of that budget is allocated to health insurance. If we had Medicare For All, That would save New York City a total of $1.5 Billion Annually. The Police Budget is 5% of the Cities Budget, and all Social Services don't even combine to equal 1%. If we took that 1.5% and used it on needed social service, we would be helping the oppressed people of our communities with integral care. The Stock transfer Tax can recoup $13 Billion to health, education, transportation, social services, and other safety nets, which are current politicians dismiss and ignore.

These protesters are justifiably reacting to repeated violent acts towards committed against them. Take a break from commenting about how "Blacks are destroying the cities," and have some humble pie and a good reality check. A few buildings got damaged, destroyed, (sheer material possession), this is nowhere near the atrocious behavior of the individuals who are leading the Two Parties and intend to do nothing against the Capitalist Oligarchs. We have time now to fix our socially unjust system.

I intend to fix this broken system with your help. Please support my campaign.

#PeoplePlanetPeaceOverProfits #DemandMore

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