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Need Community Oversight of Police_George Floyd

Hello, I’m Joseph Naham

Running For Congress in the 4th NYS Congressional District

It’s Friday 5/29/2020

I’m here on Zach’s Bay

During my 15 minute break doing Pump Out Work

Keeping the waterways Clean

To Incentivize people not to pollute their sewage into our bays

I’m the only one on in the bay, so I’ve removed my mask

So you can see me,

as I want to send this message out as quickly as possible

it deserves respect.

This is in response to the situation our nation is going through

We lost George Floyd

My condolences to the loved ones that are left behind. What we’re seeing happening is despicable Especially people who are cowardly going in full suited disguise, umbrellas, gas masks, and they’re white

And they’re breaking windows and they’re making it look like there’s looting, and it also started up looting.

That’s Terrible. It’s terribly enough as it is,

But to try and incite violence, and cloud clarity when people are really in need of clarity,

Is even more disturbing.

I’m unfortunately not able to make it, but my heart is with my fellow Greens, and fellow Black Lives Matter friends, brothers and sisters marching all over the country. There’s a march going on right now in Foley Square in NYC, there’s one in Albany .And my heart is out with you. I feel for you all who are there, and We need to make this world better.

We grew up thinking it was going to work out as the status quo is making it, But It’s NOT. The environment is not working, the economic system isn’t working , the healthcare system isn’t working, the immigration system isn’t working, the social justice system isn’t working

And we need to start demanding more, but we also have to come together right now and work so that we can improve what is at our feet right now. And we have time right now to see what it is that we are surrounded by. As long as we remove the fear that is connected and resonating with a lot of images and vocabulary about Covid-19 or looting or socialism or terrorism

we can just connect with each other, come together and act. And briefly I’ll finish by saying, that I’m in favor of community oversight over our Police Departments

I’m in favor of the Real Green New Deal that will give us jobs, that will provide the environment with needed turn around, and not just Greenwashing. I’m in favor of and going to work, if elected to congress, to enact a fair system to give citizenship to undocumented workers. People who want to work here, and take care of their families and our families deserve fair and humane treatment. If there’s a congress person or elected official who’s words matched the words that were just said, Than I support them, and I hope you support them too.

I hope that you support coming together, and really making yourselves available to bring about the changes that we can do, and bring about not just for us, but for our children. Peace.

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