New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

I'm Joseph Naham, I'm a life long Nassau County Resident, husband, and stay at home father.  I'm a National Delegate (Alt) of the Green Party of the United States. I'm a Committee member for the Green Party of New York State. I'm chairperson of The Green Party of Nassau County. I'm Co Chair of the Environmental Committee of the Beach to Bay Civic Association (Umbrella Civics association).

I have voted on nationally and internationally related amendments and policies as National delegate. I have served on State wide legislative committees and written white papers on plastic bag bans, The Green New Deal related policies, Affordable Housing. As Chairperson of The GPNC I have organized monthly meetings with topical events and presentations.  I have also met and worked with local governmental officers as GP Chair, and B2B Co Chair with the intention of environmental and social justice action.

I want to tell my kids that they're growing up In the greatest country on Earth. but unless we start providing a green new deal, social justice and equity, immigration reform, anti-violence, and Medicare for all we won't be able to be to. I'm sick of anti progress, anti American politicians, who tell you they're not standing up for these rights, or they're just continuing to fake it until they make it.

The status quo of military intervention, economic warfare intervention, putting the environment (GND), Healthcare (MFA), Affordable Housing, Immigration Reform must end. My candidacy will be a shining light to right the off course US Congress.

I'm a life long Green. When I was 20 I organized Anti War rallies at Nassau Community College. I volunteered at Camp Anchor, a facility that cares for children who have handicaps.  I managed four farmers markets in Nassau and Suffolk County for nearly a decade.  I volunteered to build community gardens, and worked on farms. I am a member of the SPAT program (A Cornell Cooperative Extension facility dedicated to shellfish restoration.) I am pro Gun Control, I am pro female rights, I am pro Black Lives Matter.  I am pro LGBTQNB. I am Pro Troops, Pro Nuclear Disarmament but anti Military Industrial Complex, and Anti poor living support system for our Troops. I'm pro affordable housing, I'm for giving the ownership of your work back to the worker, and Pro national minimum wage.  I'm Pro Cannabis/Marijuana Legalization with a home grown provision. I'm pro African American Reparations, and Native American Reparations. I'm anti Nuclear energy, Anti Fossil Fuel.  I am anti investment of pensions into fossil fuel corporations which perpetuate dangerous climate change that puts not only first responders lives in danger, but all lives in risk.

As For my values, I strongly connect with state of the art technology which will efficiently and safely protect all of the homes of our environment.  I also strongly value efficient and integral mass transit.  I am against infrastructure being developed to bolster banana republics, instead of infrastructure to benefit the natural civilization.  

We have an obligation to be the best generation to show our children an example of what we can achieve, and I hope you oppose the status quo politicians and support me to be your representative right now.



Response following the loss of George Floyd and countless other black and brown Americans to an element of systemic racial oppression.

Brief description of how Medicare for all would dramatically reduce the budgets for financing Police officers and other municipal workers health insurance. Recouping $billions can be used for needed social services and environmental jobs/infrastructure. Joseph Naham is the only candidate in the race for NYS 4th CD fighting for Medicare For All. We are hopeful that you support Joseph's campaign to fight for evolutionary changes that wi improve all of our ways of living.




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