COVID-19 is forcing us to learn that cooperation is the strongest asset we have to survival.  Joe supports The Rent and Mortgage Cancellation Act (As introduced by Rep. Ilhan Omar).

We must facilitate near term risks and long term risks of this crisis, by instituting policies to expand protections to renters and homeowners and expand non-profit affordable housing.

The bill cancels rent and mortgage payments until one month after the official national emergency ends, retroactively to April 2020.

The bill creates Landlord and Lender Relief Funds—The federal government pays landlords and lenders to cover the losses from the cancelled rent and mortgage payments on the condition that landlords and lenders follow a set of fair renting and lending practices for five years: 

- no rent increases

- no evictions without just cause 

- no source of income discrimination

- no reporting to credit agencies or debt collectors

- no discrimination on admissions, including immigrant status, criminal record, credit history, or sexual or gender identity, orientation, or expression.

The bill creates an Affordable Housing Acquisition Fund—It provides the first right of purchase of for-sale rental properties to non-profits, public housing authorities, cooperatives, community land trusts, and state and local governments. It finances the purchase of private rental properties by not-for-profits, public housing authorities, community land trusts, and state and local governments on the condition that these new owners follow these conditions:

- permanently reserving a portion of rent-restricted units for lower-income households

- no evictions without just cause

- no source of income discrimination

- no discrimination on admissions, including immigrant status, criminal record, credit history, or sexual or gender identity, orientation, or expression.

- democratic control by residents

- provision of free, voluntary wrap-around services to help those with chronic housing instability and homelessness.


This bill not only provides direct relief to renters, mortgage holders, landlords, and lenders, it also begins to transform the real-estate market from one based on speculation and private profit into a one with stronger regulation and more based on not-for-profit social and public housing.


Following Reforms To Rise UP

We as Americans are in a situation where we are likely to be frustrated, disappointed, depressed, and anxious.  This is normal. 

Facts to remember are:
We are a hopeful people.  Most of us believe in a higher virtuous faith.  If we have faith that our lords were practiced a pure ideology, than why not hold simple economic principles to those ethics?
Why is the most money in our government invested in the Military?
Why haven't we provided Native Americans and African Americans with the proper reparations that they undoubtedly deserve?
Why do we allow the rich to perpetrate the poor immigrant as the enemy of our economy, when we ought to be wiser by now, to know that that distraction away from his methods of wealth accumulation is exactly what's kept him wealthy since before segregation.
Why are we continually allowing the curtain to cover and hide the unprovoked invasions, military coups, and economic warfare/sanctions?
People who are forced out of their communities because of American policy must not be afraid to be treated as anything less than equal.
That is why  Governors, and State law makers should not be working with for profit hospitals to reduce the amount of beds made available to Medicaid recipients. 

How Come

In addition to the awful suffering that COVID-19 is amassing on our civilization. Joe has always made it his mission to remain vigilant to high ethics and disciplined standards. 
The last time the United States faced such an impasse it was during the Great Depression.  Many people were unable to afford their rent, or mortgages.  People who are landlords, small banks, and families who own and rent property to for sources of supplmental income weren't able to afford to pay taxes without rent and mortgages coming in. What ultimately took place were large real estate development corporations buying all of the bankrupted  and foreclosed properties.  The former owners were hurt. But the tenants were neglected the most. After the large corporations bought out all of the properties they price gouged every prospective tenant.  
This wasn't looking out for your neighbor with the intention of long term cooperation, this was exploiting a deregulated capitalistic loophole that treated vulnerable human life as expendable dollar signs.  


Please stand with Joe who will cultivate high ethical social justice standards to ensure all of America will rebound from this tragedy.


What Else?

It's inexcusable to have a healthcare system that dissuades people from seeking medical attention.  
Medicare For All, is exactly what is says it is, and is exactly what we need.  


During the COVID-19 Crisis, we need to also make sure every American is supported economically. It is too early to reopen non essential businesses. Health and safety is the priority. In order to care for all people who are deeply affected by this pandemic, we must institute this strategy.


1 .moratorium on all rents and mortgage payments
2. suspending all student loan payments and forgiving debt
3. universal single payer health care
4. guaranteed minimum income payments for all americans
5. free electric, water and utiliites until the crisis is over
6. free community wifi
7. free universal testing
8. unemployment bill of rights
9. taxes on the wealthiest americans of 50% on income
10. drastic reduction of military budget
11. drastic increase in green jobs domestic infrastructure
12. $15/hr national minimum wage..

13. Finally we must institute a temporary universal basic income

I worry for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Congress will have to pass UBI, Universal Basic Income, to get people through this and hopefully increase Social Security to an amount people can actually live on. The Green Party is calling for Greenbacks, publicly created money, issued as an asset instead our private debt-based money system, which funded the defense of the nation when the big banks refused to do so. Today the big banks are more concerned about losses in the financial markets of the 1% than the lives of most Americans. It s time for Greenbacks to again come to the rescue of the nation.

What's Next

This nation is facing its most disastrous crisis in its 244 years of life.  On top of all of the previous catastrophes we've struggled to mediate with sound and harmonious justice, this present crisis could mean the end of this 244 year young experiment if it's not managed virtuously.
The people of our communities, who are on the front lines, raising a family, unemployed, everyone are feeling scared.  Local, State, and Federal leadership hasn't proposed a plan that has made any of us feel confident in the direction this country is going to.  
It's imperative that we rebound from this using a plan consisting of The Green Parties "REAL" Green New Deal(Link).   The Green New Deal includes the:

Green Economic Reconstruction Program(Link),


Economic Security and Health for All(Link)

  • Job Guarantee

  • Income Guarantee

  • Homes for All

  • Health Care for All

  • Secure Retirement

The Green New Deal will zero out greenhouse gas emissions and build a 100% clean renewable energy system by 2030.  Ending fossil fuel emissions will dramatically slow down climate change which disproportionately affects low income people.  The status quo has been perpetuating negative impacts on the low income communities for the entire history of this nation.   Nassau County is confronted with antiquated water filtration systems, and outdated sewage treatment plants which are sending barely treated sewage into our environment.  This is the most crucial time in our nations history to ensure there isn't any careless oversight.  In order for our nation, people, and environment to coexist sustainably, we must value bioethical standards, and social justice values, and healthcare (Medicare for all).  Leaving any one person out is unacceptable.  Without standing up and joining myself and the other Green candidates for local, statewide, and national office, how do we expect to respond with care to all of the real priorities facing this deprived nation?