Elect Green Party Candidates to Local Offices

We need a participatory democracy.  We need a secure and sustainable future.  Candidates seeking public servitude for Long Beach spent approximatly $291,822.00 each in finances last year.  While we will not spend this kind of money or accept it from corporate donors, we have the much more effective and realistic support of the people.  Corporations are not people and the money spent on campaigns does not lend itself to a democratic process.  Supporting a green campaign is a commitment to rebuilding our society's broken political systems.

The politics of our country have left no room for what is needed: imagination and creativity. Without imagination and creativity we will not be able to recognize social and economic possibilities in new ways.  It is not the case that a strong economy cannot exist if we build them on environmental friendly practices.  Let's lead the movement of an environmentally sustainable future that is abundant and healthy for all, including the long term right here on Long Island.

Short-sighted ecological destruction, erosion of our rights, and policies that perpetuate social and economic injustice cannot be tolerated.  Now is the time for change.


 Many communities on Long Island have begun beach replenishment projects that overlook the long term and often negative effects on coastal ecosystems.  Joseph will stand as voice within the community to protect our coastal ecosystem and not in praise of short term goals.

It is imperative to promote sustainable energy and energy efficiency, mass transit and to promote safe bike and pedestrian traffic, regional food systems based on sustainable organic agriculture, and clean manufacturing.

Joseph at a local rally to support wind farms.

Joseph at a local rally to support wind farms.

Let's start investing in green businesses and offering incentives to those businesses that run conscious businesses.   The charm of our local communities is rooted in locally run businesses that are run by local labor. 

These are not issues - but projects - collaborations:  If we just stick to the issues of our political party affiliation or our own particular discourses then we are not really engaging each other are we?   Joseph's campaign will strive for dialogue and change that includes all voices - not just those that fit into a given paradigm.  

Knowledge is not just an individual's enterprise but really a technology of the community.  Community will be our strongest asset in implementing the kind of change that is mutually beneficial for all.  

Democracy, if taken seriously, is a political process in which the dignity and the flourishing of all human beings is genuinely supported, and its objective is never finished.
— Professor Bernard DenOuden, Are Freedom and Dignity Possible?