Bay Park Sewage Treatment plant is a severe issue for our entire community, certainly not only for the residents of Bay Park, who are affected by it the most.  The plant turns effluent into different sized pieces of gelatin. The large, medium and small sizes of this gelatin sewage are removed out our plant, but the tiny pieces of gelatin sewage are fed out into our waterways.  We need to think differently about our sewage. It is not waste; it is a resource.

Our aquifers are under threat due to overuse, and pollution.  Today, we are pumping fresh water out of our toilets into the bays, and potentially our ocean, while we simultaneously have salt water intrusion into our aquifers. Orange County, CA has the world’s largest advanced water purification system for potable water reuse. Their operation system currently provides 100 million gallons of water per day to the Orange County Groundwater Basin. Their water is also injected into coastal barrier wells to keep seawater out of the basin. So why are we talking about moving ours out 20 miles and dumping it in the ocean? We have a first world opportunity to benefit our future generations with healthy, forms of recycled water, and recycled fuel in the form of bio gas. When it comes down to it, water is water, so let’s recycle it, and prevent it from being a factor in rising sea levels. Like Orange County California, re-use and recharge our aquifers with this precious resource.



Another environmental concern is the Provocation of spraying chemical pesticides onto our ecosystem.  The Zika outbreak, the threat of drinking water contamination in our aquifers, and the consistent synthetic chemical runoff into our waterways are all manageable under one process, and that process is Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.).  IPM is the careful consideration of all pest control techniques and subsequent integration of appropriate measures that discourage the development of pest populations by means of proactive tree, shrub, and ground cover selection which can not only deny pests, but attract birds (natural insect predators) to the ecosystem. It’s extremely important to be able to correctly identify and assess the pest, and assert what management process for eradication. Funding students to become educated in this crucial field, as well as marine biology will help build jobs, and improve our marsh lands, estuaries, bays, townships, and cities. We also must invest in our infrastructure, and park rangers,  to keep our community in a first world status, and build a healthy relationship with its environment. 


  • Reduce the state’s portion of sales tax from 4% down to 1%.  I propose a 1% derivatives tax onfood and oil and that will go to county revenue sharing for unfunded mandates the allocated revenues will reduce all local real estate taxes in the state.  It should supplement the state budget with over $16 Billion a year ( 7% of the state’s budget.)
  • Carried Interest Deduction:  Form a state chartered bank and compete with the major commercial banks and offer low mortgage rates for First Time Homeowners.
  • Eliminate re-assessment of real-estate taxes.
  • Single Payer Healthcare, currently 25% of our state’s Medicaid is funded by our counties real estate taxes.
  • Repeal the Taylor Law which prohibits public service workers from striking. 


A Heroin epidemic is on fire all across America. Heroin deaths increased from 1,779 in 2001 to 10,574 as Afghan opium poppy fields metastasized from 7,600 hectares in 2001 (when the war in Afghanistan began) to 224,000 hectares currently.  We need therapeutic solutions, like Hewlett’s Theravive, Oceanside Counseling Center, and Long Beach Reach.   Our communities must be involved in prevention, relapse prevention, mental health care and treatment.  The "school to prison pipeline" must be done away with.  We must invest in education rather than incarceration. We can’t be punitive towards our own friends and families who need help.  Punishment doesn’t work.  I am pro single payer health care universal health care for addiction treatments.   I support the communities involvement in creating movements to help stop preventable tragedies like RIP LB dedicated to working against the epidemic of Heroin in our communities as well as suicide prevention.


 As our Assembly man I will work to stop Common Core from standing in the way between teachers, students and parents. We need to have a more cohesive dialogue about the curriculum. It is clear to me that our students are more than test scores and Common Core has shown that it is responsible for the erratic changing of a teacher’s curriculum for the sole point of increasing standardized test scores to fund their income security.  

School Taxes are outrageously high in our district. We have people on fixed incomes. I would look into the possibility of consolidating school districts. Do we need to have one superintendent for a school district with only eight school, or just have one superintendent to administrate eighteen?

Our schools can and should be managed sustainably.


To create new jobs and lessen income inequality I would work to implement the Green New Deal, which is a Jobs Program that will ensure not only skilled workers, but newly college graduates to have employment opportunities with union scale wages.  If we want to have options for improving the status quo we will need to saddle up, live each day like it’s our last, and commit ourselves to this fight. This is the best option for our hurting planet and bringing in swarms of green sector jobs to work on our outdated infrastructure.  I believe that it’s crucial to have a Healthy environment, and as studies have shown when the environment improves, income inequality, civil rights, and social justice simultaneously improves.

I value relationships as opposed to promoting over development.  I will work to support investments in businesses who have, who practice high social justice, economic, and environmental standards. 

We need to maintain our quality of services, quality of life, and quality of environment in the face of rising costs, and economic, and environmental uncertainty.  I want to support jobs with the standards and merit that is The Green New Deal.  Read more about the New Green Deal by Clicking Here.


For the past several years we have had two government leaders arrested for rampant ethics violations, funneling money and energy into scandal after scandal. This state deserves better. It deserves authentic leadership that’s free from the two corrupt political parties.  I will go into Albany, and I will stand up for what’s right and will never hesitate to blow a whistle.  I would also propose a law that bars a political boss from holding any elected, or appointed government office.  The law also needs to include protecting whistle-blowers and clear disclosure of “Substantial” campaign contributions received from major donors who may have federal, state, city, and town business. As a green party candidate I do not accept corporate or LLC contributions. I would work to end cross endorsements, and Off the Party Line Balloting.